Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The boy who couldn't die. Its literally about this teenager named ken who could'nt die."when his best friend is killed in a plane crash, Ken makes a decision:He will never die.He finds a woman who claims she can make him invulnerable to pain and death for the unbelievable cheap price of fifty dollars.And her strange ritual works. Ken can't be burnt,beaten up,or even bitten by the shark he dives among on his spring break in the Caribbean."
 "Ken can't die. but he can kill. As long as he's awake, he feels in complete control of his life.But at night the dreams take over- dreams of digging graves,of knifing strangers...then of trying to murder someone he loves. And no one can stop him not even himself. "

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  1. If this is what I think it is which a is a book review than this sounds like a fantastic book. I would be very interested in some sources where i myself can get this book, maybe you can add those in a later post or update. All in all good, good job on the overview of the book!