Tuesday, October 11, 2016

short story

It was a dark October afternoon a few weeks after Kitana's 18th birthday.She had been saving money for two years.She finally moved out and was free from the rules of her parents house.She had wanted a tattoo for  5 years and she finally had enough money to do so. Kitana went to the tattoo parlor closest to her house and patiently waited in line. when she finally got up to the counter the guy introduced himself as Ben.She followed him to the back and sat down in the chair. She watched him take the needle out of the package put it in the gun and ask her what she wanted as he was doing so. Kitana told Ben in great detail that she wanted a Gothic dreamcather on her right foot. She wanted it to look native to match her native american Indian background and she wanted a dogs paw in the middle and she wanted him to make it look like it was blowing in the wind with some feathers falling off and made to look like an anklet.

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