Friday, October 14, 2016

Graffiti vs. tattooing

     In my drawing class we learned about graffiti.We had to draw any word we wanted as long as it looked like graffiti.My blog topic is the history of tattooing and lots of people get graffiti looking tattoos.I know I would. First of all to be able to give people tattoos you have to be artistic obviously but to do graffiti you have to have a specific skill that allows you to make intricate designs and intertwine them to make it look more 3D.
   There is a huge connection between art and graffiti. Some people look at as destruction on ones body and others think of it as personal expression.But if you are an artist and you look at it form that point of view it is really just abstract work that happens to be permanent on somebodies skin."In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between an artist and their work this thesis attempts to show the different ways artists engage in their craft. Utilizing narrative response, the analysis explores the relationship between three types of alternative art (tattooing, graffiti, and hip-hop) and the artists who create it. The propose of this thesis is to explore ways that education disenfranchises these young people by systematically devaluing their literary contributions as being less significant than more traditional understandings of literacy."said Sean Patrick Barry, Purdue University."Graffiti, considered an expressive curse of the lower class, gravitates naturally to the application of tattoos. Graffiti and tattoos are both considered forms of drawings or inscriptions outside of an archeological context — graffiti falling somewhat into a social nature, with tattoos being more personal.What do tattoos and graffiti have in common? Graffiti and tattoos share a kinship due to both being forms of advertising. They are begot from a desire or need to make a personal statement or be recognized or acknowledged in a manner synonymous with wearing of a uniform or badge — an elevation of pseudo importance.But, would you place graffiti on a new car or similar investment? Not likely. It could be very expensive to eradicate. Besides, it would devalue one’s property, not to mention that people might consider one daft. Yet, some people will put graffiti on a more valued commodity. They write or draw on a gift that comes along but once in a lifetime — their body!An automobile can be cleaned, repainted or replaced. But removal of a body tattoo is a difficult and painful process and can never be effectively removed 100 percent. A laser tool, used for tattoo erasing, can only attempt to remove tattoo ink. One’s skin will always show the effects of tattoo needle scarring.Typically, graffiti and tattoos are outlets for those whom are expressing disdain, dissatisfaction, rebellion or hurt in their life — usually against authority or something in life or society with which they cannot effectively cope with. People whom are driven to these extreme forms of expression are attempting to make their point of view known the only way they know how in order to get recognition, importance and satisfaction."

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